Kodiak Island playing with O’Connell and Love at the 100 Club…

I’m really excited to say that my new band, Kodiak Island, will be playing at the launch party of the O’Connell and Love album ‘Mine Sweeping‘ at London’s 100 Club on July 29th.

Larry Love is the voice of the Alabama 3 (and ‘Sopranos‘ theme tune!). Their wonderful album features Rumer and Pete Doherty and I’m told there will be some ‘very special guests’ at the show!

You can get tickets here:

Here’s the fantastic new single from O’Connell and LoveHangover Me‘, featuring Rumer.

and of course, here’s the debut Kodiak Island single which came out a few days ago.

The Room / Benny Profane

The Room formed in Liverpool in 1979. Early releases on their self-financed independent label, Box Records saw the band compared to Joy Division, The Fall and fellow Liverpool band Echo & the Bunnymen, and gained them strong support from the music press and John Peel.

I first became aware of them when working in Our Price Records in 1984. I took great joy in all 12″s and albums featuring young men wearing middle zip black leather jackets, corduroy shirts and Levi jeans, playing semi acoustic guitars. So when the album ‘In Evil Hour’ came, in an indie delivery box (Rough Trade or Pinnacle) I rushed to put it on the turn table. This band also featured a rarity in those days, a rather cool looking female, complete with black polo neck sweater and high cheek bones.


Sadly, I discovered The Room late in their own history and they split not long after.

From their ashes, however, rose Benny Profane. Still featuring the cool female (on bass, Becky Stringer) and the leather jacket wearing front man (Dave Jackson).


Benny Profane released two albums and a host of singles and EPs before they too eventually split in 1990.

Here from 1988 is Rob A Bank. To read far more in depth and entertaining histories of both bands, visit the LTM Recordings website. For now though, join me in this car, driving through an American vibe, playing semi acoustic guitars and feeling the cool joy of being in Benny Profane…

The Stars of Heaven ’28’

The Stars of Heaven were formed in Dublin in 1983 and released two albums on Rough Trade before they split in 1990.

They wanted to be ‘Ireland’s answer to The Byrds, Gram Parsons and the Velvet Underground all in one package’ and for that dream alone I feel like posting this video of ’28’ from the second of those two albums, ‘Speak Slowly’.

Kodiak Island ‘ The Sooner’ Video

My new band, Kodiak Island have our debut single, ‘The Sooner‘ released on the Musical BEAR label on June 29th.

The wonderful Mr Jason Glenister has made this fab video for us…

The Buzz Club – Suede – June 13th 1992


This was actually the gig they didn’t play. On the day of the gig, I got a call from the West End Centre to say they had heard from Suede‘s tour manager saying that Matt Osman, the bass player was ill and they would have to cancel. ‘The Drowners‘, Suede‘s debut single was exploding on the indie scene and the show was obviously going to sell out. Needless to say we were gutted.

But they promised they would still come and play The Buzz Club. So I called their agent the following week and re arranged the gig. And true to their word, on the 12th September they came to Aldershot and played a ridiculously amazing, sweaty, heaving gig. Maybe if I stumble across the flyer for that in September, I’ll write about the gig that did take place.

Choir of Young Believers ‘Face Melting’

I was always aware of these guys, never actually booked them to play Green Man, but got close a couple of times. Then I watched ‘The Bridge’ with their music as it’s theme tune and grew to love their vibe.

Here’s an odd way to start a Sunday…..Choir of Young Believers new track ‘Face Melting’.

Joni Mitchell ‘Chelsea Morning’ 1969

It’s chucking it down outside and I’m trying to work in a room that is getting darker by the minute so I thought I’d brighten things up a bit with this….ah Joni.


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