The Buzz Club 30th Anniversary Tee Shirts

On November 17th 1985, 30 years ago today, I promoted my first ever gig. Over the years myself and Danny Hagan have put on The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, The Manic Street Preachers, Blur, Suede, The Charlatans, The Happy Mondays, Spiritualized, The Beautiful South, Dodgy, Cornershop and many more as The Buzz Club. Then, Robert Plant, The Flaming Lips, Bon Iver, Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling, Billy Bragg, The National, John Grant, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Joanna Newsom,  Fleet Foxes and many, many more as the Green Man.

So…I’ve decided every now and again on the 30th anniversary of a Buzz Club, if I have suitable artwork – to print a very limited run of tee shirts.

Here’s the first getting made! How exciting!

If you would like to order one, they are £15 for UK orders and £20 for the rest of the world. That includes p&p.

Here are a few versions of the first one…


If you want to read about that first promotion and all of The Buzz Clubs, click here there are loads of live recordings from various Buzz Clubs here .

Mail me at if you’re interested in a tee shirt. Thanks! X

Great gig in Guildford!

Check the Facebook page for live clips!


Happy Hallowe’en! ‘Archangel’ video

Here, to celebrate Hallowe’en is the second video from the Modulation Freaks EP1. ‘Archangel’ was directed by Richard Handyside.


Feel free to download the EP here.

Very Rare – The Clash The Music Machine 26th July 1978

I recently posted the photos of Suicide from this same gig, that my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Justin Thomas sent me. Suicide were the support band that night, now over to the main event – The Clash. Including very rare shots of Steve Jones and Jimmy Pursey joining them on stage!

clash24lr-1clash2lr-1 clash19lr-1 clash27ls-1

J.D. & Bob

J.D. & Bob were together for about a year.

J. was Jo, D. was Danny and B. was Bob. (Strictly speaking there should also have been an M. for Mathew and an S. for Sam too.)

The debut gig was at the Cobden Working Men’s Club just off the Kensal Road in West London. We had hired the venue and invited our friends The Beta Band to play some records. It was a brilliant night.

Danny and I had been working on the idea of analogue drum machines and acoustic guitars for a while and this was where we debuted it live. It went down a storm and we were cuffed to bits.

We played a gig in Danny’s and my flat in Highbury. (the room which would later appear on the cover of the It’s Jo and Danny album ‘Lank Haired To Bearded Boy’) My friend Lisa took these pictures and sent them to me a few days ago, inspiring me to write this post.

12107840_1047916658572328_1775454266658646843_n 12118847_1047916695238991_7509099777664300826_n 12141748_1047916631905664_1050669584937371050_n

We played The Shoreditch Electricity Showroom. A friend gave me a disposable camera as a gift. Corinne Day was there and said she’d use it to take pictures of us playing. (If you don’t who Corinne  was, please Google her).

JD&Bobshoreditch5 JD&BShoreditc8 JD&BShoreditch 1 JD&BShoreditch 2 JD&BShoreditch 6 JD&BShoreditch 7 JD&BShoreditch.5jpeg JD&BShoreditch JD&BShoreditch3 JD&BShoreditch4

Next up, the Garage in Highbury where we were lucky enough to have the wonderful Justin Thomas take these photos.

Folder02 001 Folder02 004 Folder02 005 Folder02 010 Folder02 012 Folder02 013 Folder02 014 Folder02 017 Folder02 018 Folder02 020 Folder02 025 Folder02 028 Folder02 034 Folder02 035 J D & Bob live

We got invited to record some tracks by Island Records. We were in their basement studio for a week. Living on food my Mum had given us (we were poor musicians!). Bob Marley had recorded there! Nick Drake’s picture was on the wall! We lived and breathed that music for a week. The engineer let us work late into the night. We made him a cake afterwards to thank him. We were so proud of those recordings.

Island turned us down. We were crushed and the band split up. Danny and I recorded ‘Lank Haired Girl To Bearded Boy‘ a few months later and re recorded some of those songs. We lost touch with Bob. Mathew played with us in The Yellow Moon Band a few years later. I lost the cassette we had recorded in that week in a basement, until my cousin found her copy and sent it to me a couple of months ago. I was so delighted to hear that music again. I got in touch with Bob via Facebook, now living in Denmark (and making gorgeous music himself) and together he and I came up with a running order. I got the songs mastered and have now put them up on Soundcloud. I really hope you enjoy them. One year in my life with so many photos, memories and so much music. XJD&BobNME JD&BobNMEad

Two Buzz Club Exhibitions

Like the London bus, two Buzz Club exhibitions have come along at once!

Firstly, as part of their own 40th anniversary celebrations, the West End Centre in Aldershot put loads of great stuff up on display. My band, Kodiak Island played their birthday party and I was delighted to see their Buzz Club display. I was told that there used to be a wall full of lots of our old posters, but the wall was knocked down as it was seen (by someone long ago left the WEC) that it was too much about the history of the place. Thankfully Julie (who also did a magnificent job of our sound on the night) saw sense and jumped into the skip to retrieve what she could. This all happened 15 years ago and Julie held on to the bits and pieces she was able to salvage. I thought my Buzz Club collection was as close to completion as it was going to get, but I’m really happy to say there are a few things in this display I don’t have. Namely; The Beautiful South poster, the Primal Scream one and the Kinky Machine / Elastica one! So thanks Julie and thanks Barney and all at the present day West End Centre people for putting these up and for doing such a great job – the venue is brilliant.

Thanks to Dave Driscoll for these pictures too.

21007107440_5e3a9b54a6_o 21008445619_2b9c662ffc_o 21195232055_aa4cd88f9f_o 21203104471_78fccf96f0_o

Here are some pictures I took. Oh yeah, I didn’t have The Happy Mondays poster or Buzz Club 5th Birthday or my own old band Bluetrain – lovely to see these all again!

IMG_2011 IMG_2013 IMG_2014 IMG_2010 IMG_2012 IMG_2015 IMG_2028

Secondly, the Surrey Heath Museum have a Buzz Club display as part of their A Century of Sound festival. The first ever Buzz Club was at the Agincourt in Camberley, so I lent them some of my memorabilia for their exhibition. They have set up a really cool ‘listening booth’ where you can hear live recordings from The Buzz Club by Blur, The Manic Street Preachers and The Happy Mondays.

IMG_2047IMG_2048 IMG_2049 IMG_2050 IMG_2051

So, I’m in a museum now? Oh well, I think it’s probably ok isn’t it?? :) Isn’t it??

Jo Bartlett’s Modulation Freaks!


This is an instrumental studio project, recorded at Bark in East London where a lot of my favourite recordings have been made. Feel free to listen, download and share! I think if you enjoyed my work with The Yellow Moon Band I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this too.


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