Pinkunoizu – Short film.

Watch this beautiful short film shot by Andreas from the band while they toured Europe late last year. Gorgeous stuff.

Third Rail festival

I’m extremely excited that myself and Danny Hagan are starting a new festival! Third Rail will be taking place along the banks of the River Thames in Reading on July 5th.

There’s even going to be a Fringe on Top stage! Featuring bands and a talk called ‘C86 and the Birth of Indie‘ hosted by Neil Taylor – the N.M.E. journalist who complied the original C86 tape and featuring a panel of musicians and people also involved with C86. There will be DJs to finish the night off. And that’s just one of the stages!

‘Third Rail combines the variety of a festival, with the intimacy of a gig’.

Please feel free to share our e flyer, help us spread the word! It would be amazing to see as many of you as possible there – any ex Buzz Clubbers come and say hello please! You can buy tickets from our website or through See Tickets and Reading Arts – all details here

These are the Facebook and Twitter  links, please follow us!



Live recordings from The Buzz Club, lots of exciting bands!



There’s a Soundcloud page full of lovely live Buzz Club recordings. Featuring Blur, The Manic Street Preachers, The Happy Mondays, Primal Scream, Spiritualized, The June Brides and many many more.     Right here.

The Buzz Club – Dodgy / Shed 7 / Poise

So here it is! The last ever Buzz Club! It’s funny whenever I mention what bands played The Buzz Club I never think of Shed 7, nonetheless they certainly played on December 4th 1993.


Danny and I had a band called Poise who were first on – we started The Buzz Club as an excuse to support our favourite bands, so I guess it’s fitting we sneaked ourselves on to the last ever line up.

Shed 7 were looking for a label and had come down from York to play London, Ultimate had gone along to check them out. They signed to Polydor but I booked them for The Buzz Club anyway!

Andrew Winters who ran Ultimate Records (with Maurice Bacon), also managed Dodgy. They had played once before when their first single was released and agreed to come down and help us wave a fond farewell to the Buzz Club with a wonderful acoustic set. (Which included a great cover of ‘I Got The Key’ by Urban Cookie Collective as I recall!)



Funny to see all that cigarette smoke!



We had a bit of a party backstage afterwards with friends who had travelled down from London for the night





So that’s it! 1985 – 1993 The Buzz Club. Thanks so much to everyone who came, who played, to everyone that worked at the West End Centre and thanks so much to everyone that has provided me with fliers, photos, live recordings and memories. I’ve been collecting and writing about those eight years for about five years! There’s a Tumblr site that is purely The Buzz Club here.

This appeared in the ‘N.M.E.‘ a month or so after we finished, proud to see us at Number 1!


The Buzz Club – The Afghan Whigs / Elastica 2.10.93

Afghan Whigs

We were pretty lucky with lack of cancellations over our eight Buzz Club years. However, this was one. Just after the posters were printed, The Afghan Whigs pulled out of their whole U.K. tour. A bit of a drag really as the posters were our main expense after paying the bands.

Jakob’s Mouse were the tour support, so they pulled out too. Elastica coincidently got in touch again, they had really enjoyed their Buzz Club gig in June, could they play again? Once again, I said ‘of course.’

So apart from a very short lived band I was in called Poise, these posters are completely wrong. The gig ended up as Elastica and Poise (there was also an unknown American band who were so awful as a last minute replacement that I don’t even want to mention them).

It also gives me an excuse to put these photos up. It’s not actually The Buzz Club. A few of us went to Paris to see The Stone Roses around this time and found ourselves staying in the same hotel as Elastica so we had a few drinks with them.



Only one more Buzz Club left!! Tune in tomorrow….

The Buzz Club – Sidi Bou Said / The Werefrogs / Submarine 10.7.93

As I’ve mentioned before, I was working at Ultimate Records doing press / tv and radio by now (1993). Danny was working at Cherry Red records and we were living in London. We would still come down to put posters for Buzz Clubs up and post out the fliers to out friends in all the local Our Prices (where we both used to work).

This Buzz Club was in fact an Ultimate Records night, featuring three of the bands signed to the label.

Submarine were a fantastic three piece from Watford. Lead by Neil Haydock on guitar and vocals (Neil played in It’s Jo and Danny for a bit in later years). I loved this band.

Next up, The Werefrogs from Port Chester, New York. Another fantastic three piece. They had played The Buzz Club not long before, supporting The God Machine and we were delighted to welcome them back. Matt Valentine, the bass player is now the ‘M.V.’ in M.V. and E.E. a psych folk band based out of Vermont (The Yellow Moon Band played a gig with them in Bristol a few years ago – it was very nice to catch up with him).

Here’s a great session they recorded for John Peel:

Finally, another terrific band. All girl four piece from South London, Sidi Bou Said.

What an amazing label!

The Buzz Club – Kinky Machine / Elastica June 12th 1993

This one’s all about the support band really isn’t it? Kinky Machine were lead by Louis Elliot who’s family own the stately home where the Port Elliot festival takes place, so it is rather amusing to hear his best cockney accent on this recording from ‘The Beat‘ in 1993!

I had a call from a publisher asking if a band they were helping could get a support slot at the Buzz Club. They sent me a demo of Elastica and I said ‘of course’. So, they supported Kinky Machine. By the time the gig came round there was already a massive buzz about them. John Mulvey who wrote a live review from their Buzz Club appearance (their first ever review), remembers Damon (who was going out with Justine at the time) coming down, very muddy, to the gig after finishing a video shoot for Blur. Damon went in to see Kinky Machine, unimpressed he finished his pint and then threw the empty glass at Louis!

John sent me that review – here it is – thanks John.


Elastica released their debut single in October ’93, having signed to Steve Lamacq‘s Deceptive label not long after they played The Buzz Club. Actually, they played The Buzz Club for a second time a couple of months later…more of that soon.


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